Key Challenges in Metal & Mining Industry

Industry operates with long and complex supply chain and is always under cyclical economic trends and environmental hazards. Maintaining scale and cost leadership is  key to sustain in the long term.

When faced any of these challenges, a homogeneous , powerful enterprise software is the solution

  • Large scale product proliferation with complex processes
  • Dynamic market with changing customer demands
  • Innovate means to gain and maintain cost leadership
  • Global operations with consolidation at large scale
Mining Solution

With complete visibility over all mines, stock , beneficiation, transportation, schedules and non – mining business processes.

PEB & Roofing

Metal Roofing Solution (MRS) designed & fabricated to meet PEB industry challenges and improve your overall efficiency.

Hot slab are rolling in table, Hot slab view, Colorful of hot slab, Industry steel background.
Rolling Mills

Enhance & Extend your rolling mill business with the industry’s leading comprehensive Metal Rolling Mill Solution (MRS)

Steel manufacturing at industrial plant. hot steel coil is passed through rollers to compress in a thin steel sheet .
Steel Coil Center

Metal Center One (MCO) Improves operational efficiency of Steel Service Centers for better control and cost reduction.

hot steel on conveyor in steel mill
ERW Tubes & Pipes

Our Metal Tubes & Pipes Solution (MTP) helps you track your inventory more accurately with your industry specific attributes.

Metal Foundry & Casting

Our Metal Foundry & Casting Solution (MFC) is designed to cut your business costs and spend less time managing systems.

Metals and Mining

Planning to take your business digital? Time to experience innovation- rich Metal & Mining Solution built to address the demands of dynamically changing businesses. Invest in technology which meets future innovations.  Explore the most comprehensive enterprise application built to address your business and regulatory.

Our Expertise

Domain leadership with 40+ years of experience in implementing large scale digital transformation across the entire value from raw materials till end products

  • Complex scheduling and Optimization capabilities
  • Industry domain experties
  • Operation Intelligence
  • Proven templates amd Process to ensure valve delivered
  • Industry ready vertical add-ons on robust platform for quick ROI

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