MCO (Metal Centre One)

Metal Centre One

Metal Service Centres have unique needs. Changing customer demands, Complex inventory processes, Workforce productivity challenges and the need for value-based processing push the service centres need for a high-end Enterprise Resource Planning system in order to gain a competitive edge. Increasing infrastructure development projects in the metals industry are also pushing the need for streamlining processes in order to have a better control and reach higher efficiency. Maintaining scale and devising digital transformation road map for metals and mining industry using a powerful, homogeneous, market intelligent Enterprise solution:

  • Increase the return on capital
  • Enable large scale product proliferation with complex processes
  • Aid the dynamic market with changing demands
  • Improve the inventory visibility in metals nomenclature
  • Innovate means to gain and maintain cost leadership
  • Drive global operations with consolidation at large scale
  • Reduce losses across the value chain
  • Provide a digital architecture to enable growth at an affordable cost

Advantages of MCO

  • Metals Coil Centre One, MCO, is a multi-faceted, an end-to-end integrated ERP system that is adaptable to your business process built on Microsoft Business Central and is customized for the steel and metals industry including Trading units & Tube Mills.
  • Covalsys’ MCO is a fully Integrated solution with Barcoding, Weighbridge and Weigh scale that can help customers improve productivity and reduce non-billable time.
  • The product supports the specific needs in this market such as multiple product lines, outsourcing, production scheduling, automated cost allocation, and toll processing to enable customers grow their businesses and profits.
  • MCO is an innovative and scalable solution coupled with integrated ERP and proven MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) with LIMS with global standards built on top of SAP Business One platform to address the challenges of Steel Coil service centres & Tube Mill.
  • The enterprise software is a long-time cost-effective solution that helps organizations become increasingly responsive to changing customer demand, seamlessly execute business processes, workflows and improve shop-floor & workforce productivity through.

Why Covalsys?

  • Covalsysoft Solutions is a recognized SAP Partner with deep domain Knowledge.
  •  Seeded by Domain leadership with 40+ years of experience in implementing large scale digital transformation across the entire value chain from raw materials till end products.
  • Team has Extensive steel domain expertise from JSW Steel for more than 15years.

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