Key Challenges in Pharma & Health Care Industry

Rapid innovations in the Pharmaceutical Industry are driving growth, but the growth in this industry is not free of challenges. Explore top challenges faced in pharmaceutical industry and learn how to overcome them with our Industry Specific Solution.

When faced any of these challenges, a homogeneous , powerful enterprise software is the solution

  • Increased competition from generic drugs
  • Keeping up with the technology
  • Product Liability
  • Complex Inventory Management

Pharma & Health Care

SAP in Pharmaceutical Industry helps to resolve challenges in Manufacturing , Quality & Compliance , Regulatory requirements apart from supporting general functions like Finance , Inbound & Outbound supply chain and to some extent R & D . Coupled with powerful product tracing and tracking right from Material inward to delivery to end consumer, SAP’s versatile features are real efficiency boosters for the Pharma Industry.

SAP‘s following features help streamlining the processes and help GMP compliances to regulatory frameworks in addition to strongly putting in place Computer Systems Validation reference to software applications.

  • Batch Management, Batch Information Cockpit ( BMRs, BPRs Expiry ) , Tracing & Tracking at all levels of material receipt, dispensing and production
  • Effective Inventory Management with aging & expiry controls
  • Process Manufacturing, SOP compliances and Quality Management processes
  • Active Ingredient Management using Quality Parameters
  • Regulated and Contract manufacturing and Research Activities
  • Integrated storage and warehouse management of finished products including Sales & Distribution of multiple levels
  • Promotional Offers / Schemes, / Samples and Discounts management in Sales
  • Enabling structured product costing that is very critical
  • Effective Production planning , Plant & equipment maintenance and optimum utilization aiming at productivity
  • Enables comprehensive compliance management thru Batch Records , Compliance records , Training Records , Laboratory Data , Manufacturing Data , Calibration & Tracking and Audit Trails as part of GMP / FDA regulations and 21CFR Part 11
  • Can generate valuable financial reports such as Balance Sheet, Trial balance, Account Statements, Gross Profit Analysis coupled with powerful business intelligence reporting

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