Key Challenges in Automotive Industry

Automotive suppliers face strategic shifts driven by global growth in automobile sales and the accelerating introduction of new automotive technology. These trends result in increased consolidation in the automotive supplier segment, the need to keep up with rapidly developing innovations and persistent downward pressure on cost. To meet these challenges, automotive suppliers must maximize manufacturing efficiencies while maintaining high-quality standards and improving supply chain management. Some specific challenges the solution addresses include:

When faced any of these challenges, a homogeneous , powerful enterprise software is the solution

  • Integrated Processes
  • Operating Cost
  • Short Development Cycles
  • Delivery Reliability

Automotive ERP and Manufacturing Software Solution

Covalsys offers a powerful automotive ERP and Manufacturing Software Solution tailored to meet the unique challenges of your industry. To manage increasing customer demands, always evolving industry standards and strict compliance requirements, Tier 1, 2 and 3 automotive suppliers worldwide turn to Covalsys for industry-specific ERP functionality to increase their competitive advantage and remain lean.

The Covalsys ‘Value’

Domain leadership with 40+ years of experience in implementing large scale digital transformation across the entire value from raw materials till end products

  • Industry Domain Expertise
  • Complex scheduling and optimization capabilities
  • Industry ready vertical addons on robust platforms for quick ROI
  • Proven templates and process to ensure value delivered

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