• Cassotis provides consulting services in optimization and operations research for medium and large companies.
  •  Cassotis efficiently designs, develops and deploys customized easy-to-use solutions to support complex decision-making.
  •  Cassotis’ solutions are supported by a highly skilled consultants team who collaborate closely with the customer to achieve better results.

Products & Services Offered:


Quandec is the fastest and most flexible framework for the creation of graphical user interface for optimization models


Multiperiod model optimizing the mining planning with respect to the market demand and future maintenances.

Integrated Steel Plant

Technico-economic model for supporting strategic decisions related to costs and profit of an integrated steel plant.

Animal Feed Mill

Integrated optimization of the milling and press processes for animal feed industry.

Actual Outcomes Of The Model:


Confront the results with microeconomics theory and process specialists knowledge


Involve people to increase the model visibility within the organization


Support the actions taken on top of optimization results


Look for more and more gains such as cost reduction, profit increase and capacity utilization

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